Thursday, February 23, 2006

Another fascinating word...

discommode (dis-kuh-MOD) verb tr.

To put to inconvenience.

"Much art today has abandoned the ambition to please the viewer
aesthetically. Instead, it seeks to shock, discommode, repulse,
proselytize, or startle."
Roger Kimball; Art Without Beauty; The Public Interest (Washington, DC);
Apr 15, 1997.

This quote is true, sadly. I liked getting to see this new word used as well.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Worth waiting for

I had my first Valentines Day dinner with some one other then my father or brother. I had Valentines Day dinner with Matt (Pensive Prince) ,the man that is pursuing me. It was so much better then I ever thought it could be. He lavished me with gifts, words of affirmation, and with his time. I was not sure what it would be like, but I would have never thought it could be this wonderful. He gave me beautiful roses, candles, and two beautiful hand cut crystal candle holders. They were all perfect. I could not have picked better if I been asked to. He has great taste!!! We think a lot alike on colors, styles, and candle smells. The candle holders were amazing. I am posting a picture of them if I can figure it out. :) We were talking about how wonderful it is to have never had a Valentines day like this one before, which made this one all the more special and beautiful.

I have never felt so blessed and surrounded by love. The Lord has done a good job and I know He will continue. He has promised good to them that love Him and follow His commandments. He has done so much more then I ever hoped for and it is WONDERFUL!!!

I want to encourage all that are out there waiting for that perfect person that is going to complete them and be the one that they share their lives with ; It is worth waiting for. We may not always understand the Lord's ways, but they are always the BEST. The Lord holds the best out for us in the right time, if we can only be patient and willing to see what HE is doing.

May the Lord Bless you all.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


M J sent these to me a while ago and I have heard the song a few time since. I really like the words. It shares hope to us that have stumbled and gotten back up. God has shown us grace. He does not hold our faults over our head, but he forgave us of them. This song shares that. Also when I hear this song I think of M J. :)

There is no guilt here
There is no shame
No pointing fingers
There is no blame
What happened yesterday has disappeared
The dirt has washed away
And now it's clear

There's only grace
There's only love
There's only mercy and
believe me it's enough
Your sins are gone
Without a trace
There's nothing left now
There's only grace

You're starting over now
Under the sun
You're stepping forward now
A new life has begun
Your new life has begun


And if you should fall again
Get back up, get back up
Reach out and take my hand
Get back up, get back up
Get back up again

repeat chorus

Monday, February 13, 2006

Rantings and Ravings

I heard a Christian DJ this morning talking about evolution and creation. To my infuriation he said that he saw truth in both evolution and creation. I was so upset! I listened for a little while trying to figure out if I was hearing him incorrectly and to my continuing frustration he was saying exactly what I had first thought he was saying. What has happened to our Christian body, that an older man could say on the radio that he saw truth in something unscriptural. Not only did he say he saw truth in both, but he saw problems with both. There are so many different angles to go about saying that he is wrong. Scripture is complete, God said, thus it is, and if you believe some of what God is saying the only way you can stay consistent is to believe all of what He says. I was so upset that this man was speaking on the air about such a thing to people that would be highly influenced by what he said, and that he could actually think such a thing. What have we done that our Christians don't know what they believe, why they believe it and why they need to believe something?

Devotional for today.

Morning Verse
"And David enquired of the Lord." 2Samuel 5:23

When David made this enquiry he had just fought the Philistines, and gained a signal victory. The Philistines came up in great hosts, but, by the help of God, David had easily put them to flight. Note, however, that when they came a second time, David did not go up to fight them without enquiring of the Lord. Once he had been victorious, and he might have said, as many have in other cases, "I shall be victorious again; I may rest quite sure that if I have conquered once I shall triumph yet again. Wherefore should I tarry to seek at the Lord's hands?" Not so, David. He had gained one battle by the strength of the Lord; he would not venture upon another until he had ensured the same. He enquired, "Shall I go up against them?" He waited until God's sign was given. Learn from David to take no step without God. Christian, if thou wouldst know the path of duty, take God for thy compass; if thou wouldst steer thy ship through the dark billows, put the tiller into the hand of the Almighty. Many a rock might be escaped, if we would let our Father take the helm; many a shoal or quicksand we might well avoid, if we would leave to His sovereign will to choose and to command. The Puritan said, "As sure as ever a Christian carves for himself, he'll cut his own fingers;" this is a great truth. Said another old divine, "He that goes before the cloud of God's providence goes on a fool's errand;" and so he does. We must mark God's providence leading us; and if providence tarries, tarry till providence comes. He who goes before providence, will be very glad to run back again. "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go," is God's promise to His people. Let us, then, take all our perplexities to Him, and say, "Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?" Leave not thy chamber this morning without enquiring of the Lord.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tag your turn...:-)

Okay all, I am tagging you. The list of questions is linked to the header. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your answers.

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Neat Word....

cancrine (KANG-krin) adjective

1. Reading the same backwards as forwards, palindromic. For example,
"A man, a plan, a canal: Panama." (letter cancrine)
"So patient a doctor to doctor a patient so!" (word cancrine)

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I keep having to stop and pinch myself to believe this is really happening. As all who have read the post 'Weeeee!' know, I have entered a courtship and been blessed by the Lord through it already.

I've been spending time with his family, which has been fun. We've played games, legos, dolls, tickled little girls, played Uno & talked to everyone for hours. :). It's been fabulous.(See! I can use words other than 'wonderful' .). :)

I got to play racquetball this last Saturday, it was fun! I was horrible! :) My eye, hand coordination has never been great, and when something small and blue comes flying at me my first instinct is to duck! I'm sure its amusing for those watching. Matt helped me to run after the ball and actually hit it, even if I didn't hit it correctly. He said that I did look better by the time we left. I must have looked really bad when we started, because it didn't look good at the end. This is going to take lots and lots of practice! I'm grateful he's a kind and patient teacher.

Our younger sisters came to play with us. It was great when we all played together. It was a good thing no one was keeping score! I have proof that I actually did play.. My arms and shoulders hurt as well as the bruise on my hand. That ball hurts when it hits you but it was a blast! I had sooooo much fun and I look forward to playing again!!!
Later that day we went to Starbucks.( How can you go wrong there?! :)) I have converted another innocent victim to coffee. Our sisters were almost as much fun to watch as we were.

Then we met my brothers and went to see a movie. After the movie the guys decided it would be a challenge to go play Air Hockey and see who'd win. M J won every match! ; }

We've also gotten to spend some time with my family.We got to have his older brother, his wife and baby over one night with the rest of the family.We played games and told stories. The stories have been very educational. :). The families enjoy one another. I've even been able to keep my family up to date for the most part. Neither M J or I have gotten a lot of sleep because we try and catch our respective parents, family and friends up after we stop talking on the phone. ;-) .

My parents took us out to dinner for the first time the other night & I got to watch them all interact, share stories and joke.My parents, whose opinions I value highly, are enjoying getting to know Matt.
I can see the Lord's hand every time I turn around. I am so excited!!! MJ is becoming my friend and this new friendship is blessing me to better trust our Lord's leading, and the promises He makes to us in His Word!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tag Questions by me~ a_victoria

My Beloved Is Mine asked me to come up with my own list of tag questions. Here they are, so enjoy. :-)

#1 List between 3 & 7 books or authors that have influenced you greatly, and explain why.

- Bible, it keeps me focused on my Master and love (charity) should look like lived out.
-James & Philippians, 2 of my favorite books of the bible. Both talk about what our walk should be like and where our joy is found.
-To kill a Mockingbird, it reminds me of childhood by narrating the story from the child's viewpoint. I also love the way the author writes. Her story helped me to realize some of the issues that are out in this world, & we could talk about what the Lord said our response to them should be.
- Passion & Purity, talks about loving the Lord first and when you find that one meant for you how you incorporate your relationship with them into your walk with the Lord. Also that it is normal to struggle; that our struggles just needs to be handled properly with the Lord's Word.
-Boy Meets Girl byJoshua Harris, gives some good advice on how to build good and fruitful friendships that honor our Lord and later on a marriage relationship based off a friendship.
-Elizabeth Elliot, doesn't pull punches and says it like it is. She also has a heart for those that are lost and those that need encouragement. Wonderful example.
-C.S. Lewis, Authors imaginative stories that allow the mind to explore and develop Christian themes. He also has very good allegories and instructional books.

#2 List some of your favorite place to go? (vacation or just relaxing)
- To sit by the fireplace, relaxing...
-To the nature center or a wooded area to walk or sit and think, or talk. :)
-Colorado, mountain, crisp cool air, friends and family
-Silver Dollar City, great fun and can be relaxing if you want it to.
-Anywhere with my family
-Anywhere with him. ;-)
-Anywhere new, you never know what you might learn or see while there.

#3 List your greatest accomplishment, or a few great accomplishments.
-Getting my black belt at 17 years old. I was so excited!
-Starting my first bible study, it went really well, even though I was scared to death. :-)
-Starting my first self-defense class with out one of my instructors to help.
-Choosing to rejoice in the Lord everyday; a blessed pursuit, not an accomplishment strictly speaking!

#4Favorite food
-Bread sticks
-Baked potatoes
-waffle fries from Chick fil A
-Italian food
-Mexican food, ummm...
-oriental food, especially Thai and Japanese
-Fried Mushrooms
I know there is a pattern here. :-)

#5 Give a short testimony of how the Lord found you.
- I was four year old and I heard our pastor talking about hell and what it was like. I don't remember a lot about what else he said. 2 days later I remember finding Mom and asking her to tell me about heaven and what it was like. I knew if hell was going to be horrible, heaven & God had to be better, but I wanted to know how much better. After Mama and I talked for a little while and I asked child like questions about God and His character. I told Mother that I wanted to ask Him into my life so I could be His girl, His child and please Him. I remember kneeling beside my bed and asking Him to take away my sins. I have had ups and downs through out the years, but I have seen Him always be faithful and loving. No matter how big or how small He has always shown Himself powerful in my life.

#6 List 7 of your favorite songs, artists, groups, hymns, or composers

- Yo Yo MA
-Brickman, a new favorite piano player, amazing feeling when he plays. I am not sure the rest of his name or if you find him in stores near you. :-) You would need to ask M J...
-Blessed be the name of the Lord-Tree63, I think, but I am not sure. :)
-I love you more - Matthew West
-Moonlight Sonata
-Only Hope, sung by Mandi Moore
-Harry Connick Jr.
- Nat King Cole
I could think of a lot more, but I have to stop somewhere.

#7 List 7 of the bible verses you seem to always go back to.
Philippians 1:6
Psalm 91
Psalm 20:7
James 1
Eph 6:10 -24
2 Peter 1:5-11
1John 5:14-15


"It is one of the maladies of our age to profess a frenzied allegiance totruth in unimportant matters, to refuse consistently to face her wheregraver issues are at stake." -Janos Arany, poet (1817-1882)