Monday, December 31, 2007

Prayer for our Children

Father, hear us, we are praying,
Hear the words our hearts are saying,
We are praying for our children.

Keep them from the powers of evil
From the secret, hidden peril,
From the whirlpool that would suck them,
From the treacherous quicksand pluck them,
Holy Father, save our children.

From the worldling's hollow gladness,
From the sting of faithless sadness,
Through life's troubled waters steer them,
Through life's bitter battle cheer them,
Father, Father, be Thou near them.

Read the language of our longing,
Read the wordless pleadings thronging,
Holy Father, for our children.

And wherever they may bide,
Lead them Home at eventide.

By Amy Charmichael

Monday, October 08, 2007

Aunt Jessica came to visit

Aunt Jessica came to visit last week and we took some pictures of her and the baby.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Life as a Mama

Life has been great! I knew being a Mother would be a ton of fun, but I had not counted on it being this great. Of course there are those moments when at 3am when I hear her start making noises that I think sleep, sleep, I just want to sleep. Then I pick her up and I am no longer thinking sleep, but wow, she is so beautiful, wonderful and amazing. I can not believe that I get to take care of her every day. She is now starting to laugh and giggle a bunch more. We talk to her and she smiles and laughs. She is also beginning to be ticklish. :-) Matt is really looking forward to the day when she is ticklish! She so wants to talk when we are talking to her, it is so very cute.

I have been scrap booking these last few weeks and I am about ready to start scrap booking her pictures and I am really looking forward getting them done. She has had so many pictures taken since she was born, she is going to have lots of memories.

I am starting to work on a knitting project for my Mama right now too. :-) It has been fun to sit Kathryn on my lap and knit with her. She is fabulous. She loves to look at the patterns on knitted projects.

Being a Mommy so far has been wonderful and I am sure it will continue to be. :-)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Father's Day and 1 week old

Her one week old picture. Just too Cute!!!

Taking a nap with Grandpa Long
Daddy in his new Father's Day shirt. :-)
What a great Dad...
Grandma Long talking to Kathryn
Kathryn was seriously listening and
trying to figure out what was going on. :-)
Daddy with his Baby girl, on his first Father's Day
Kathryn looking at Daddy. :-)
Both the "World's Greatest Grandpa's"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Smiley Baby

She smiles all the time!!!

Nap Time

Matt and Kathryn taking a nap together...:-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time in the Sun

Grandpa Long took her out for her first sun. :-)
They both enjoyed it!!!

Almost smiling on her part. :-)

Too Cute


Big Yawn

Monday, June 18, 2007

Aunt Kaylea's visit

Aunt Kaylea came over to see her new neice Kathryn.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kathryn's Entrance

Kathryn graced us with her presence Sunday afternoon,
and has inherited the position
of "princess of the house". The Lord blessed us all as both
Mommy (Ashley) and Baby (Kathryn) are doing exceptionally
well, and are resting from all the excitement on Sunday.
Daddy (Matt) is having lots of fun capturing the excitement
via photography and videography.
We named her: Kathryn, she weighted: 7lbs 10oz.
and her Length was: 20.25"
She is a very happy baby and is enertaining us all. :-)

Our wonderful Midwife and Nurse

Baby Kathryn smiling at Granpa Long

Our little family

Great-Grandma Long holding her first

Grandpa Long holding his first
grandbaby for the first time

Kathryn only a few hours after
she was born. wide eyed and beautiful.

Kathryn looking at Daddy

Aunt Heather holding Kathryn
and making her smile

Aunt Shannon holding Kathryn

Grandma Long holding her first Grandbaby for
the first time

Uncle Aaron holding baby Kathryn
He was a natural holding her. :-)

Uncle Alex holding Kathryn
for the first time

Grammy holding baby Kathryn

Natalie, Grammy, Grandpa Johnson and Bethie
watching Kathryn.

Grandpa Johnson holding Kathryn and making her

Aunt Alyssa holding baby Kathryn

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Due date

It is 14 days till the due date of our coming little one. I guess we will see if she comes early, on time, or late. I am very excited that we are getting close! The midwife says that she is very healthy and doing great. Praise God! The midwife also says that I am doing great! Another blessing. :-) I have cleaned the house completely and keep finding other little things that I want to get done. It has been wonderful!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Newest Craving

Strawberries....It is like I can not get enough. Last week it was Grapefruit (I am still eating them too). It is just really funny to be craving strawberries. Not ice cream, chocolate, coffee, doughnuts or even bread. Just strawberries. Go figure. At least I am craving something that is good for me. :-)


Today I am spending the day with my husband at the office. I thought I would bring him lunch and then decided to hang around (he really likes it when I hang around). It is so sweet! He is at the moment listening to Klove and whistling with the songs. I love it! I was knitting and finished the project I was working on so I thought I would see what all my blogger friends had to say. After that I got ambitious and decided to write something.

I love the weather that we are having right now. It is hot, without being miserably hot. :) Yesterday in the evening when Matt got home we planted some flowers in the front yard. It was a ton of fun and it looks great. I love flowers and plants. My favorite plants are herbs. They smell good, some taste good and they are neat looking. Anyway, I am loving the weather, now that it finally feels like spring.

By the way you should check out my friends blog. She is a new blogger and is doing a fabulous job. :)

Well, I better run.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Baby room!!!

It is coming together, slowly. :-) We have the baby bed up and the dresser set up. I have a bunch of pictures and pretty things that I want to hang up on the walls, but I really need Matt's help for that. I am sure that we will get them up before too much longer. Who knows maybe tomorrow since we don't have any plans so far. We decided on light pink, lavender, sage green and a cream for the colors and they look great together. The Moms are working on a quilt for Kathryn and her room. It will look marvelous. I can not wait to see it all done. I have been working on baby blankets and booties, bonnets and jackets. They are so much fun to make.

I am not able to do as much as I was a few weeks ago, it is like someone pulled out my batteries. I do a little and then have to stop and rest. :-) This is really hard for me, but Matt is really glad that I am finally slowing down.

Well, I should go and get some rest. :-) Talk to you all later.

Life always so busy. I thought that I would be able to spend some time blogging and catching up with things of this sort, instead I think I have gotten busy. :-) Oh well!

We are doing great here. Our baby is growing big and the midwife says that she is very healthy. Yes, she.:-) We are so excited. We recently decided on a name and it has been fun getting to call her something other then the baby or her. We decided on Kathryn. It is hard to believe that we only have about 2 months and then she will be in our arms. I look forward to seeing her. Matt is really excited and is really cute when people ask him questions about Kathryn. He bubbles and is full of so much love. He is going to be a great father.

I have a list of things that I am trying to get doe before Kathryn is born and to my great joy it is getting shorter. Thank you God. I know I would not be this far, if not for his constant help. I finished the biggest task. Sanding & staining our bedroom set. It was a huge project,but lots of fun. It started out a light brown color that I really did not like in the bedroom, so I stained it a cherry wood color. It turned out really good. I am so excited! My mom, brother, sisters and husband helped a bunch. I have hung up pictures in the living room, hallway and our bedroom. The next big projects are ebaying some stuff we need to get out of the office/baby room and garage and setting up the baby room. It is really neat knowing that I am getting so much done and that she will be here soon. :-)

Well, life is good and very busy. I will try to post a little more often, but I can not promise anything. :-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I heard this the other night and it made me cry. I thought it was a really sweet song. It is sung by Mark Schultz

Looking back
He sees it all
It was her first date the night he came to call
Her dad said son
Have her home on time
And promise me you’ll never leave her side
He took her to a show in town
And he was ten feet off the ground


He was walking her home
And holding her hand
Oh the way she smiled it stole the breath right out of him
Down that old road
With the stars up above
He remembers where he was the night he fell in love
He was walking her home

Ten more years and a waiting room
At half past one
And the doctor said come in and meet your son

His knees went weak
When he saw his wife
She was smiling as she said he’s got your eyes

And as she slept he held her tight
His mind went back to that first night


He walked her through the best days of her life
Sixty years together and he never left her side

A nursing home
At eighty-five
And the doctor said it could be her last night
And the nurse said Oh
Should we tell him now
Or should he wait until the morning to find out

But when they checked her room that night
He was laying by her side

Oh he was walking her home
And holding her hand
Oh the way she smiled when he said this is not the end
And just for a while they were eighteen
And she was still more beautiful to him than anything
He was walking her home
He was walking her home

Looking back
He sees it all
It was her first date the night he came to call