Monday, July 10, 2006

Wow! Life stays busy. :)

I had thought that life would slow down and I would have written those posts about our courtship. I have not written them yet, and I have not forgotten (how could I with all the encouragement to get them written and posted?). :) Anyway, life is still wonderful and busy. Things are slowing down in many ways, but others things are just picking up. Two very good friends of mine and my husband's are getting married in August and we are honored to be involved in that, as well as her bridal shower. It is so much fun!!! I love planning out what it will look like and getting things ready for the shower as well as the wedding. They are coming over to our home tonight to talk and let me work on her hair style, for the wedding. She asked me to do her hair for the wedding, so I have got to figure out what exactly she would like and how I can make sure it is like that on the wedding day. :-) Exciting, but a little scary too. My husband has been very busy with work and I have been very busy with work, the house, my husband and our family. :) Life just keeps on going. God is so good though. I am enjoying it completely and entirely. He keeps showing me His hand and love all around my family (husband and I).

Anyway, I am going to start on the post of our courtship and engagement. Matt and I want to get those up before too long. We are going to try to sit down this week and work on them, so we will see what we can do and get them posted as quickly as we can. :)

Monday, July 03, 2006


I thought this was a fascinating word.

scintillescent (sint-uh-LES-uhnt) adjective

Sparkling or twinkling.