Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knitting Classes

The library has asked that I continue to teach until the students are done or no one is coming. I am so excited!!! I love to teach and the ladies that I am teaching have been so much fun. I have 7 regulars, 4 occasional and 4 more that have signed up, but not come yet. My youngest student is 8 and she is doing so well. She was the only one knitting loss in the beginning and now I think her tension is evening out. The rest of the ladies started out knitting tight and I think they are beginning to even out as well. They are all doing great! My next class is Monday at 1pm, and I will continue to teach on Mondays at 1pm, until they get tired of me. :-)

I am so glad that I am getting to do this and hope it lasts for a while.