Friday, September 17, 2010


It is so hard to believe that it is already September. This summer has flown by, with weddings, and everyday life. We were privileged to see my brother and now beautiful wife get married as well as friends and cousins. We recently went to Huston to see our family there as well. It was so much fun!!! The girls loves all the new places and people and did really well with the car time. :-)

The girls are both doing really well, Natalya is trying to talk and doing really well. She is adorable! Kathryn has started preschool with me and we are having a lot of fun!!! She loves her school time. :-) Matt has started taking Ju Jitsu from a Brazilian man and really enjoys it. He is looking really good too!!! ;-) I have three craft fairs that I am putting my knitting into this fall. I am really excited! My sweet friend is taking pictures of a bunch of my knitting, so I will have new items on my Etsy site really soon too.

I will try to blog again soon with an update on us all.