Friday, August 03, 2007

Life as a Mama

Life has been great! I knew being a Mother would be a ton of fun, but I had not counted on it being this great. Of course there are those moments when at 3am when I hear her start making noises that I think sleep, sleep, I just want to sleep. Then I pick her up and I am no longer thinking sleep, but wow, she is so beautiful, wonderful and amazing. I can not believe that I get to take care of her every day. She is now starting to laugh and giggle a bunch more. We talk to her and she smiles and laughs. She is also beginning to be ticklish. :-) Matt is really looking forward to the day when she is ticklish! She so wants to talk when we are talking to her, it is so very cute.

I have been scrap booking these last few weeks and I am about ready to start scrap booking her pictures and I am really looking forward getting them done. She has had so many pictures taken since she was born, she is going to have lots of memories.

I am starting to work on a knitting project for my Mama right now too. :-) It has been fun to sit Kathryn on my lap and knit with her. She is fabulous. She loves to look at the patterns on knitted projects.

Being a Mommy so far has been wonderful and I am sure it will continue to be. :-)