Saturday, November 13, 2010

My second favorite of Today

I really like this pair of gloves as well. They are so soft and I love the celtic look that is classy, but simple. They are pure wool as well and very warm.

Newest Etsy Item

I just list this item today and I love it. The pictures are great as well, thanks to Crystal Witherspoon. :-) I love these gloves, they are soft, beautiful and warm. They feel wonderful on your hands and I love celtic look. I think I am going to make a pair for myself. :-)

Friday, October 01, 2010

New listings

I have been knitting up a storm the last few weeks and can not believe how much I still have to do. I have finished 4 Christmas presents, 1 special order item, started another special order item, and finished about 10 or so other items for the craft fairs coming up this next weekend. I still have 2 special order items to finish, 4 Christmas presents and if I can get to it a few more little things for the craft fair on the 20th.

I love knitting and it is great when there is so much knitting to do, I am afraid I will not get it done (challenge) ;-)

If you do not have anything going on the 20th of November, I will be at a craft fair in Lamar and it should be a great craft fair. Lots of people and great hand crafted items. The lady that runs this fair does a good job making sure that well crafted items are shown and not everything else. :-)

I will try to post a few of the items that I most like. I am knitting the girls scarves with some really cool looking bright pink yarn the Kathryn actually picked out. Should be really cute and fun!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


It is so hard to believe that it is already September. This summer has flown by, with weddings, and everyday life. We were privileged to see my brother and now beautiful wife get married as well as friends and cousins. We recently went to Huston to see our family there as well. It was so much fun!!! The girls loves all the new places and people and did really well with the car time. :-)

The girls are both doing really well, Natalya is trying to talk and doing really well. She is adorable! Kathryn has started preschool with me and we are having a lot of fun!!! She loves her school time. :-) Matt has started taking Ju Jitsu from a Brazilian man and really enjoys it. He is looking really good too!!! ;-) I have three craft fairs that I am putting my knitting into this fall. I am really excited! My sweet friend is taking pictures of a bunch of my knitting, so I will have new items on my Etsy site really soon too.

I will try to blog again soon with an update on us all.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knitting Classes

The library has asked that I continue to teach until the students are done or no one is coming. I am so excited!!! I love to teach and the ladies that I am teaching have been so much fun. I have 7 regulars, 4 occasional and 4 more that have signed up, but not come yet. My youngest student is 8 and she is doing so well. She was the only one knitting loss in the beginning and now I think her tension is evening out. The rest of the ladies started out knitting tight and I think they are beginning to even out as well. They are all doing great! My next class is Monday at 1pm, and I will continue to teach on Mondays at 1pm, until they get tired of me. :-)

I am so glad that I am getting to do this and hope it lasts for a while.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I made the socks.

I decided on the red heart socks that Jessica mentioned. Here is a picture of the finished socks. :-)

I made them with merino and nylon, so they are very soft and feel great. I am so excited that they turned out so nice!!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010


I have been knitting a bunch here recently and playing with patterns. I also have had a library ask me to start teaching lessons for them once a week and make some things for a raffle they want to have. They thought something for Valentines would be nice. I would love peoples ideas of what to make for Valentines.

I had a friend tell me I should make a pair of socks with hearts and Love written on it. I really like that idea, but would love to hear what you all think. :-)

Gloves, socks, scarf, hat, or something totally different.

Let me know!